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There are various conditions when specifying a train to transfer on the JR WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION website, how does it work?

On the JR WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION website, you can set the train transfer conditions when booking the desired route area:

● Not specified (typical search) Displays ideal results under the most efficient conditions.
● Choose "Do not change trains once", if you wish to travel on the same train from the departure station to the arrival station.
※ Should your destination require a transit, such as a connection between an ordinary train and an express train or a connection between an express train and a Shinkansen, an error will occur if you specify "Do not change trains".
(example) When traveling between Hakata-Kanazawa, an error will appear if you specify "Do not change trains" as it is required to transit between Shinkansen and express Thunderbirds at the Shin-Osaka Station (or Kyoto Station).
● When you run a search, please specify a station of your choice when you wish to ride without changing trains within a sectioned area.
※ If you enter "A station → B station" in the section "Do not change trains within an area", you will be guided to a train line that does not require a transit. However, between Station A and Station B, there will always be a transfer to another train.
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