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I cannot pick up the tickets booked on the JR WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION website. Please tell me why and what can be done.

If you cannot pick up the ticket booked on the JR WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION website, the following causes may be considered:
● Please pick up the tickets at the window where you can receive tickets booked on the JR WEST ONLINE TRAIN RESERVATION website, if not at a ticketing vending machine → find a different counter window or ticketing vending machine that is set for that purpose.
Depending on the reserved ticket, the station that you can pick them up may be limited.
● The reservation number is incorrect → The correct number is indicated on the email sent to you at the time of reservation, so please confirm.
● You entered the wrong identification number registered at the time of booking → Please bring the credit card you used when you booked the ticket, to the station where you can pick it up.
● The ticket that was booked is a type that cannot be retrieved from a Green (Midori) Vending Machine. → Please go directly to the station window counter.
● The ticket was picked up the day after the valid start date of the ticket → You can pick up a ticket on the start date of the ride. Refunds will automatically be refunded for tickets within the valid dates, less refund service fees.
● Although a reserved ticket paid by a credit card expired prior to picking it up, the customer brought the renewed credit card to retrieve the tickets. → Please bring the original credit card that expired after it was booked, or change your reservation and pick it up with your renewed credit card.
● The card reader machine cannot access data on the credit card due to the card being bent or other possible defects. → Please report it to the station window counter.
● Showing a different credit card to pick up a ticket other than the one used to book it. → Please use the credit card used at the time of booking.
● Other problems with credit cards, may be accepted at the station window counter, but even if it can be used other than with JR, while JR may fail to read the card, or cannot be used on designated seating vending machines, the card may have a defect.
Should this be the case, please go to the station window counter and inquire whether it can be resolved. You may need to consider using another or reissue the card. (Please contact the credit card company) * Note, regarding maintenance, the reader sensors of our equipment are periodically cleaned, to improve card reader accuracy.
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